Christmas Story

Recently a former client at the Unity Shoppe told us her story, which has served as a reminder of the emotional impact involved when people who find themselves in crisis are assisted in meaningful ways.

At Unity it is easy to get caught up in the work of acquiring and distributing $2 million worth of food and merchandise; managing all of the Programs; keeping track of all the statistics, numbers and details involved with 300 referring agencies;  in providing for 18,000 individual clients;  training and supervising 1,700 volunteers; and, of course, budgeting and fundraising to keep the charity going.  So the meaningful emotional component, probably the greatest benefit, can be lost or overlooked.

Many years ago Nancy, with three children, had married an aspiring artist.  Apparently he had not “made it” as yet and they had very little money.  They were about to face the Holidays with very little food and certainly no toys for the children.

Nancy drove up from Los Angeles and went out of her way to find Unity, as we had moved three times over the years.  She went into great detail about what it meant to her to receive the food they needed, and some wonderful toys for her children.  She donated $1,000 and expressed her gratitude for the help Unity provided…….56 years ago.

She was still thinking about the impact the experience had had with her after all these years.  It meant enough to her to want to find Unity, tell her story and offer a financial gift.  Every client family, every child, every senior, everyone coming to Unity for help has a story of what has gone wrong in their lives that leaves them in need.

At Unity, our by-line is Neighbors Helping Neighbors, and the help provided is incredibly meaningful in meeting physical needs.  The hope and encouragement that comes with tangible help can have an even greater effect and truly makes a lasting difference in their lives.

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