Food Donations Needed This Fall!

With school back in session, it’s an exciting time of the year for many children, but there are thousands of low-income families living in our Community who face a shortage of food at home. The pandemic has made it incredibly challenging for many needy residents to feed their families, but Community support TODAY can help hungry kids throughout Santa Barbara County stave off food insecurity immediately.


  • Low income families spend 60% of their income on rent, which means they don’t have as much to spend for food and other essentials!
  • Kids who face food insecurity every day find school 100% more difficult — persistent hunger interferes with their ability to focus and learn!

Help Unity Shoppe fill its empty shelves with canned, (plastic) jarred, and boxed goods. Specifically, peanut butter, jelly, mac & cheese boxes, pasta, boxed long-grain rice, cans of beans and tuna fish. We appreciate you giving kids and their families the foods they need and love to eat! And, of course, Unity Shoppe supplements all shelf-stabilized items with fresh dairy, breads, fruits and vegetables for families to nutritionally round out their diets 

You can make a HUGE difference that will go DIRECTLY to families in need.

Drop off your food donation at: 110 West Sola St, SB, 93101 with a check mailed to 1209 State St, SB, 93101, or by clicking here:

Unity Shoppe Delivers

A healthful, customized grocery delivery-to-your-door program

  • Unity Shoppe Delivers provides customized grocery deliveries twice per month to meaningfully support low-income isolated, or immunocompromised adults and seniors confronting food insecurity in Santa Barbara County — from Carpinteria to Santa Ynez. 
  • Individuals and families are eligible if they are referred and meet established income guidelines, they are homebound for any reason, including health and transportation restrictions that make accessing Unity Shoppe’s traditional Grocery Store in person impossible.
  • This critical need, uncovered during Unity’s 16-month Covid-response effort in the Community, is made possible by the generous, partial donation of the Patricia and Paul Bragg Foundation and individual supporters of Unity.

If you or anyone you know is in need of grocery delivery, please call Unity Shoppe at (805) 965-4122.