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Christmas Story

Recently a former client at the Unity Shoppe told us her story, which has served as a reminder of the emotional impact involved when people who find themselves in crisis are assisted in meaningful ways. At Unity it is easy to get caught up in the work of acquiring and distributing $2 million worth of […]

An Easter to Remember

It was Saturday, the day before Easter.  It had been a long wet winter, and now after weeks of wonderful sunshine, everything was green, and the poppies were in bloom.  It was a great day to shop for my family’s Easter dinner.  But first I had a list of critically ill patients with cancer that […]

Beverly Has a Job!

Beverly graduated from college and married her high school sweetheart.  She had two little girls and was a stay-at-home mom.  After losing her husband when the youngest child was only 4 years old, they moved to a small apartment.  She wanted to enter the job market part-time while the children were in school. She turned […]

An Old Man Alone

An elderly man using a cane walked into the Unity Shoppe. His arm circled a grocery bag that he wanted to donate.  Do you help people who need food, he asked?  I thanked him for the donation and he asked me how we give out the food.  I took him to the grocery store and showed […]

A Family Needs a Hand Up

As I sit here and reminisce, I shed a few emotional tears thinking of a young mother and father shopping for their son on the day I volunteered at Unity.    This family was very special, and I was helping them by pushing their cart through the Food and Toy Shoppe.  They were so happy and […]

Anne, a Senior

Entering the winter of her life, Anne had a wonderful life.  She married and had 3 beautiful children.  They bought a home, worked hard, sent their children to college and watched as they married and gave them grandchildren.   Once retired, they settled down, relaxed and traveled.   They loved spending time together, and then her husband had […]