A Family Needs a Hand Up

As I sit here and reminisce, I shed a few emotional tears thinking of a young mother and father shopping for their son on the day I volunteered at Unity.    This family was very special, and I was helping them by pushing their cart through the Food and Toy Shoppe.  They were so happy and excited to be able to actually shop for their needs.  The mother could not believe how nice it was and said she could not wait until they were able to live like everyone else.    They were living in a van and sometimes used the shelters to shower.  She was thrilled to push her cart as she looked for just the right toys for her child.   This would be the first Christmas that they did not have a house to live in.  He was working, but they could not yet afford the price of a rental.   Those parents were laughing and happy that they found the things they felt their son would love. She asked if she could wrap the gifts so he would not be able to see them until Christmas.  She loved the beautiful Christmas papers and told me this would be a special holiday for just the three of them.  They would go to the park and spend time with their son in their van watching him open his gifts.  She said it would be much better then having strangers give them gifts that he might not like, and they wanted to have a family Christmas of their own.   This would be the first Christmas in years that they would have the opportunity to give gifts to their own son, and they asked that I thank all those that made this possible for them.  What you all do for so many is incredible!

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